Kebab Comparison: Spain 1, CR 0

27 Sep

I decided to start a category where I will rate things in the Czech Republic as compared to the same things in Spain.

Today’s challenge: Doner Kebab
Sidenote: Doner Kebab is not a “kebab” like most Americans would think of it (chunks of meat and veggies on a stick). Please see wikipedia’s Doner Kebab entry for further details.

Representing Spain we have “Welcome Doner Kebab” on Pablo Rada (a main street) in Huelva. It was my go-to kebab place last year.
And in the Czech Republic’s corner we have “Doner Kebab” on Dr. Davida Becherova street in the city center of Karlovy Vary.

Winner: “Welcome Doner Kebab” of Huelva. It is such a clear winner it’s unbelievable. For starters their sauces and toppings are better, fresher with a little more spice/taste to them. Also, they stay open later than 9pm (may not be a fair measure since Spanish people eat dinner later than do Czech people). I have eaten at the kebab place in Karlovy Vary twice and each experience was sub-par. The last time I got there shortly before they closed so they didn’t have most of the items on the menu available and no fries! What’s a doner kebab without the fries?? Terrible, that’s what. Also, my kebab wrap was cold by the time I got home and ate it (approximately 5 minutes later). I will probably give the Karlovy Vary kebab place one more chance (especially because we don’t have a refrigerator in our apartment yet), but I will definitely be longing for “Welcome Doner Kebab” while I’m eating it…


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