Our new flat!!!

27 Sep

If I had to describe my new apartment in Karlovy Vary in three words I would say amazing, big, and empty.

My bedroom is seriously the biggest bedroom I’ve ever had in my life. Now if you knew me when I lived at Washington Blvd in Arlington two years ago this would be a meaningless statement because most walk-in closets are bigger than that room. Or if you were one of my 10 friends who saw my room last year in Huelva this room is easily three times that size. At some point I can take some measurements to give an idea of how big it is, but for now you’ll just have to trust me that it’s huge. And of course I would have the biggest room of my life when I have no furniture or “stuff” to fill it up… but c’est la vie, I’ll enjoy it anyways, even if I don’t have much to put in it.

view of my bedroom from the hallway

view of the room from the window

view from our front balcony

We also have two balconies: one that overlooks the main pedestrian street in the town, and a second one off the back of the apartment. A few nights last week we sat on the front balcony drinking beer and wine and watching the people walking on the street below. The only unfortunate part is that there is a sweets shop directly across the street and you can smell the “spa wafers” baking, which smell like pastries or cookies baking in the oven. This might not sound unfortunate but it makes you really hungry while you’re sitting there smelling it. Like I also mentioned in my post last week, there is a bar at the end of our street that plays rather loud 80s soft rock so that has provided the soundtrack to our nights on the balcony.

view from the back balcony off the kitchen

the kitchen

Our kitchen is brand-new with granite counter-tops, tons of cabinet space and a dishwasher (which isn’t something to take for granted here like we do in the States). Again, it’s unfortunate that we have tons of room in the kitchen and nothing to fill it up with. There are a lot of great shelves for plates and cups, but we’re limited to the sets that our landlord provided for us, which are nice, don’t get me wrong, but they fit in exactly one cabinet. We’re still waiting for our refrigerator (and washing machine!) to be installed, and once it is our kitchen will be complete. Until then, we’re eating out a lot, buying stuff that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, or if it does have to be refrigerated we’re trying to eat it all. It’s a very healthy lifestyle, as you can imagine.

the eat-in area of the kitchen

The only downside of the apartment is there is no living room or good common space (apart from the kitchen). But I will trade that for a really nice big bedroom, nice big kitchen, and nice bathroom. Oh! The bathroom! I almost forgot. It’s new, has good lighting, and, most importantly, a shower with doors and a hook to hang the shower head. (My bathroom last year in Huelva had all this stuff as well, but that was also what I would consider a nice bathroom for Europe).

the bathroom

From what we understand our landlord just took over the apartment in the past year and had everything redone and repainted. And we are now the first ones to be living in it–what luck! Our boss found the place for us, it turned our that the father of one of her good friends from primary school owns the apartment and was looking for renters. So now, here we are! Living next door to McDonald’s for the next year…

you can see the McDonald's next door from our balcony...


2 Responses to “Our new flat!!!”

  1. Laura September 29, 2010 at 1:39 am #

    Missy, you are living in the lap of luxury compared to Banks!!

  2. Jen October 3, 2010 at 9:44 pm #

    Jomo – it’s beautiful!!!

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