Blogetic Justice?

2 Oct

I should have seen this coming. Really, after all the gloating I did about my new apartment in my blog post on Monday… Huge! Amazing! New! … I totally had this coming.

Wednesday mornings I can sleep in a little because I don’t start classes until noon. So I was home when our landlord came to the apartment. He was chaperoning two delivery guys who were carrying a box that was by my estimate 2.5 feet tall (about thigh/hip height for most people). Sweet! Our washing machine had arrived! I immediately texted Jessica my roommate to tell her the good news.

“Our washing machine is here (I think)! :)” sent Sept 29, 9:10am.

I was getting ready for work as the men set it up so I didn’t pay attention and they left before I saw what they did. On my way out I popped my head in the small laundry room… but there was no washing machine. Weird. So I looked in the kitchen and was (not so pleasantly) surprised to see a mini fridge in the vacant area where the fridge was supposed to go. Seriously?? A mini fridge like most people bring to college for their dorm room? Yes, indeed it was a mini fridge for this huge, nice apartment where two people are living. Two people who, I feel I should note, are not college freshmen with a meal plan at a dining hall. On the one hand, I’m glad we at least have some place to store food, on the other hand – really?

I’m wondering if I go back and delete my earlier blog about the apartment if a new regular-sized fridge will show up…

oh mini fridge, how I love/hate you


One Response to “Blogetic Justice?”

  1. Ashley October 5, 2010 at 11:36 pm #

    Jajajajaja!!!! I’m so sorry, but that was HILARIOUS. I just love you.

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