Winter’s on Its Way

14 Oct

Before I begin the actual post, I want to celebrate the fact that we have internet in the apartment now! For me that means no more lugging the comp to the office everyday and feverishly loading TV shows online during the day so I have something to watch when I’m at home at night. For you that (hopefully) means more posts!

But I digress, on to the topic at hand… One of my predictions about the Czech Republic in my very first post was that “it’s going to be very cold.” Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! The past two mornings it’s been below freezing when I left the house.  To be more dramatic, it’s been -4 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday morning I had to scrape frost off the windshield before driving the car. And that was only the 12th of October!!! I can’t even imagine what January and February will be like.

My first indication that the cold weather was coming was last week when McDonald’s took down their outdoor patio. I thought it was a little premature because the weather on Friday and all weekend was nice — very sunny (for the first time in two weeks) and mild.


floral calendar - now packed up for winter


My second indication was the cool floral calendar that I walk past on the way to work was dismantled — all the flowers pulled out and only an ugly pile of dirt remaining. I was disappointed, I was already looking forward to taking pictures of certain dates (for people’s birthdays or holidays, to mark the start or end of a month). Looks like I’ll have to erect my own floral calendar if I want those pictures.

I now know that these actions were normal preparations. They knew the cold was coming, it was just a matter of time before the grass and flowers started gathering frost at night. It just worries me that this happened the first part of October.

Yesterday I went for a run at 9:30am, the temperature was still at freezing. Bad decision. I don’t remember the last time I ran in weather that cold. Maybe not ever. The only nice part was when I stopped next to the Tepla river (the warm water river that runs through KV) because one part of it was steaming. I was able to inhale some warm air and it soothed my throat for a few minutes. Otherwise I was miserable.

So it appears that trying to work out in this weather will be a far cry from last year, when there were some 60-degree days in January when I ran in a T-shirt… something tells me that won’t be happening here. Guess that means I need to go find a gym… and/or heavy duty cold-weather gear… and/or workout DVDs and a yoga mat… and/or just hibernate until Spring.


One Response to “Winter’s on Its Way”

  1. Ashley October 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    That is TOO cold, too soon, and this is coming from Wisconsin. However, we have had one of the warmest falls on record, so maybe I’ve just been away too long and I don’t have a fair recollection of how soon it gets that cold here. I can’t believe you ended up somewhere colder than me though 😉 Miss you chica!

    P.S. I want you U.S. wish list and address please!

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