CR vs Spain: Elevators

30 Oct

Last year in Huelva I had what I thought was a small elevator in our apartment building. It could fit three people comfortably, and maybe four if you didn’t mind being really close to one another. Here is the only photographic evidence I could find of that elevator (don’t mind my tongue):

me, Mike, and Kyle in the elevator after a late night at Moulin Rouge bar in Huelva

I know the photo is a little weird because of the reflection. So what you’re actually seeing is Kyle taking a self photo but in the mirror you can see me and Mike. But at least this elevator had a mirror so it seemed a larger than it was. It was also helpful for last-minute hair adjustments as I was on my way out to work every morning.

The interior of the elevator was fairly standard: wood-paneled walls and silver interior doors that slid open when you reach your destination floor. These things would seem to be typical of any elevator… except for the one in my apartment building in KV.

When you open the door to the elevator in our building you are greeted with carpeting. On all walls–and the ceiling!! There is carpeting everywhere, except for the floor. It’s teeny tiny, you have to squish to fit three people in it. And there’s no mirror.But the absolute weirdest part about it is that there is no interior door. Nothing silver that slides shut once you’re inside and have pushed your button. No creepy gate that you pull closed so you have some barrier to keep you in. Nothing. So while you’re riding up (or down) you can literally see and touch the door to every floor and the walls between each floor (which are disgustingly dirty, by the way). So it’s kinda like riding in a glass elevator except not as big, cool, clean, or intentional.

the view going up from inside the elevator

So the clear winner in this match up is Spain, which brings the overall tally to Spain 2, CR 0.

Spoiler alert: CR will be drawing the competition closer in some future categories.


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