Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

nerd alert!

It turns out they do celebrate Halloween in the Czech Republic. Kind of. The kids don’t dress up or go trick-or-treating, but a few bars in town had Halloween parties. And today in the grocery store we saw some teenagers dressed up. So it seems to be a holiday celebrated by those in between the ages of 15 and 30.

As of Friday evening my roommate Jessica and I had no big plans for the weekend. On our way home from a 17km hike (will post about that separately another time) we passed by a bar/cafe that we’ve been to a few times to use internet, the FooPa Music Cafe. They had a sign out front that said “Halloween Party 10.30”.

On Saturday we went for a walk around town and stopped by the cafe to ask about the party. The cafe was actually closed because they were decorating and getting the bar ready. One of the bartenders was near the door when we walked in and he told us they were closed until nighttime (he speaks English). Then we asked about the party and if people dressed in costumes and he told us they do. Sweet! Halloween plans were now taken care of.

with the jack-o-lantern at the Halloween party

So the next task was to whip up some last-minute costumes. What to wear? Where to find it? A random little Chino shop (as they were called in Spain) provided all the answers. Picture a small, cramped dollar store with totally random stuff that looks like it’s been sitting on the shelf for 5 years. They even had a small Halloween section with a selection of wigs, hats, wings, and random costumes.

First we picked some pink and purple wings to be fairies (or dead fairies if we could find fake blood, which we couldn’t). But then we saw some awesome ties, suspenders, and fake glasses so we decided to change directions and be nerds.

Turns out dead fairies would have fit in better. Some people at the party were dressed up, maybe 30% to 40%, but almost all of them were something scary or bloody. It seems the essence of Halloween has migrated to Europe, but it hasn’t gotten to the point where people dress in funny and light-hearted costumes, only dead and scary.

There were a few Beetlejuices, bloody nurses, murder victims, and one awesome Freddy Krugger bartender.

I think most people didn’t understand our costumes because they weren’t bloody or scary. The party itself was okay, the music started out good then went downhill quickly when they started playing bad 80s and 90s music (I say that as an 80s music fan). At one point they definitely played New Kids on the Block’s “Step by Step.” The only people we talked to were a few Germans who were just in town for the weekend (we’re still working on making some English-speaking friends, there’s no English-speaking expat community here in KV, only Russians). But overall it was a fun night and I’m glad we were able to celebrate Halloween in some fashion.


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