More Monday Madness

22 Nov

I’m beginning to sense that Monday’s class will yield a lot of blog fodder for me. As an update to last week’s disastrous class, today was another eventful day at Kids Club. There was some improvement in the crier, I think today she cried for only 3 hours. But the boy with raging ADD took a turn for the worse and bit the little devil boy’s ear. Yes, pulled a Mike Tyson and bit his ear, though there were no chunks missing. During playtime we heard screaming in the other room (and I was holding the crier so I knew it wasn’t her) and it turned out to be the little devil. Another little girl who was in the room with them also said that the one with raging ADD hit her as well, and there were red marks on her head to prove it. Awesome. I love Mondays.


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