Winter Wonderland

19 Dec

The first snow fell here at the end of November, a few days before Thanksgiving, in fact. And since then there’s been snow on the ground. We’ve had only two days over freezing when it was slushy and rainy, but otherwise it’s been snow on and off for almost 4 weeks!

I thought it would  bother me more than it has. Karlovy Vary is just SO pretty in the snow it’s hard to dislike it. I have wiped out twice in the snow though, landing on the same leg each time so I have a gross bruise now. The first fall happened right outside our flat on the main street in front of tons of people and I was carrying a bunch of stuff so I’m sure I looked like quite a disaster. Luckily my roommate was with me so we laughed about it and no Czech people came and tried to help because I wouldn’t have been able to understand them anyways.

One bonus of the snowfall and cold temperatures is that we suddenly have a large outdoor freezer! The freezer in our fridge is tiny, tiny, tiny and doesn’t keep things frozen so it’s been nice to be able to throw things out on the back patio where they stay cold. We did learn you have to be careful of the birds though!

In any case here are a video of our street in the snow and some shots of snowy KV.

I’ll be sure to add the rest of my winter pictures to the Photo page!



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