CR vs Spain: Shopping!!

19 Jan

Based on the fashion you see people wear on the street everyday, it would seem that Spain is a clear winner in this category. People in Spain were always dressed nicely all the time, and if you read my blog last year you may recall I learned the hard way (i.e., garnered a LOT of stares) that it’s not acceptable to wear sweats or gym clothes in the street. It also seemed like people in Huelva were shopping all the time; you would see people walking around downtown everyday with bags from Zara, Mango, Blanco, Stradivarius, Bershka, Marypaz, Corte Ingles… and here in KV, not so much. We don’t have nearly a sliver of the amount of affordable, cute clothing stores here as they do in Huelva. And the most conspicuous bags you see in the street are tourists stocking up on oplatky, the yummy spa wafers and token KV souvenirs.

Most of the stores in downtown KV are boutique shops geared toward 50-year-old Russian women.  They are expensive and sell either a lot of fur or a lot of jewelry. And even the non-hideous stores are expensive. There is an H&M, but it’s in a mall about 2km from downtown and it requires taking a bus (or a long walk). (This is probably a good thing since it means I spend almost no money on shopping.)

So in terms of options and affordability Spain gets 1 point.

BUT, and, like Sir Mix-a-Lot, this is a big but, stores are open here all day AND on Sunday! If I want to go shopping between 2 and 5pm on a weekday, I can. No siesta hours!! And if I want to get groceries on Sunday, I can get them. I’ve almost forgotten how inconvenient it could be to try and shop in Spain.

So for having normal (for me) operating hours, Czech Republic gets 1 point. Leaving the shopping category in a 1-1 draw, and bringing the grand total to Spain 3, Czech Republic 2.


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