Skiing — with an Internal Sweater

2 Feb

On Sunday I went skiing for the first time in 15 years. At least it was cross-country skiing, which, while taxing in its own way, requires much less technique than downhill skiing.

We went to Bozi Dar, a ski town about 30 minutes from KV. It was a gorgeous, sunny, cold cold cold day. I had sunglasses to fend off the sun and our friend Vitek had the solution for the cold: a bottle of Tulamore Dew whiskey! They call it the “internal sweater.” We drank a few swigs in the parking lot before we got going, then had a few more every time we stopped for a rest (which was quite a few times because we had some little kids with us).

We skied into Germany, which sounds more impressive than it is considering Bozi Dar is basically on the Czech-German border. We stopped at a restaurant in Germany to have lunch and I added another layer to my internal sweater with a big, German wheat beer.

From the restaurant we only had a little ways to go to get back to Bozi Dar. Unfortunately for me, most of it was downhill. Me attempting to ski down a hill in long cross-country skis was a joke. I fell down no less than 6 times, and ended up “walking” down the soft snow on the side of the trail in my skis. I arrived at the parking lot a solid 15 minutes after everyone else (including the small kids) but at least all my limbs were intact!

The rest of the day I spent nursing my sore body and my “internal sweater” hangover.


One Response to “Skiing — with an Internal Sweater”

  1. Laura April 11, 2011 at 9:34 pm #

    Skiing + Beer = possible best combination ever!

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