Crazy Kids Continue

21 Feb

I realize I haven’t written that much about teaching lately (or written that much in general lately, apologies). Two funny stories from the last week that I thought I’d share.

1. This morning in my Monday morning madness that is Kids Club we were doing a lesson on food: banana, apple, biscuit and milk. When I was showing the kids the flashcard of milk and asking “what is it?” one little kid kept responding “pivo, pivo, pivo.” What is pivo? you ask. It’s Czech for beer. Nice.

2. On Wednesdays I have a crazy (and thankfully small) class of 5 boys who are between the ages of 8 and 9. Some days can be really fun because some of them are quite good at English. For example when I made them ask each other questions practicing the structures “are you a _____? … yes, I am …  and no, I’m not” they would say things like “are you an elephant? are you a table? are you a door? are you a skateboard?” etc etc, but they actually understood the structure and were able to use a lot of vocabulary. This may seem like a minor achievement, but believe me, it’s crucial (when compared to the comprehension and speaking abilities of the bulk of my students).

So anyways, they are funny and crazy kids as evidenced this past Wednesday when one of them for whatever reason started saying in the beginning of class “I’m Duffman! Ohhh yeahhh!” — a line from American’s finest family cartoon, the internationally popular Simpsons. I actually did think it was funny when I first heard him say that so I laughed. I think I laughed as much out of surprise (to hear him quoting a Duffman line) as I did amusement. In any case, big mistake. That only encouraged him. So he continued yelling, “Duffman!! Ohhh yeahh!!” and then took his shirt off and whipped it around his head. That sparked his little friend in class to follow suit so soon there were two shirtless skinny Czech kids in my classroom yelling “I’m Duffman!! Ohhh yeeahhhh!!”  


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