Spring Break in Spain, Part 4 – Sevilla

26 Mar

Sol, por fin! / Sun, finally!

The last chapter of my trip included an “ex pat Jersey girls” reunion in Sevilla with my cousin Ally, her best friend Amy, and myself. All three of us were born in Jersey (but unlike them I was raised more in Virginia) and now live in Europe: Ally in Zurich, Amy in London, and me here in Czechland. In the beginning of February we were all desperate for sun so we wanted to meet up somewhere warm(er than where we live). Luckily, I had already had a lot sun all through the week in Spain, but none was quite as glorious as the sun that weekend in Sevilla.

We all convened Thursday night in Sevilla and wound our way through the narrow streets of Barrio Santa Cruz where we were staying for the weekend. I was so so so happy to be back in Sevilla, it brought back a lot of memories from last year. Not only did I stay there for the first two weeks I was in Spain, but I also spent time with all of my visitors from last year (Mike and Kyle, Brett, Katie and Chris, and Amanda) so being there with Ally and Amy brought back some good memories.

Friday morning we hit the cathedral first thing and I climbed the giralda (belltower) for the fifth time in my life. The view never ceases to amaze. After the cathedral we walked around the city, stopping at 100 Montaditos, my favorite mini-sandwiches shop, to pick up lunch (that we ate outside in the sunshine on the steps of the cathedral while drinking Cruzcampo beer… basically, it was perfection). From there we met up with one of my friends from last year, Seth, who came back for a second year and was lucky enough to get assigned to Andalucia again. It was so great to see him and catch up, we had had some fun times together last year during orientation in Sevilla and another weekend when we met up in Granada.

The afternoon was spent drinking tinto de verano (red wine mixed with Fanta limon) on a bar next to the Guadalquivir river soaking up the rays. After a short siesta we went for a tapas dinner at one of my favorite places in Sevilla, then it was on to La Carboneria for a flamenco show and the deadly “Agua de Sevilla.” We made friends with some members of the Dutch national rowing team, which brings my encounters with national rowing teams in Spain count to two. We actually saw them the next day rowing on the river, which is impressive considering they were still partying hard when we left them at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Saturday we did a little shopping, had a delicious lunch again outside in the sun, then spent the afternoon soaking up the rays and napping in the newly renovated Plaza de Espana. All last year when I lived in Spain the Plaza de Espana was under construction so it was really nice to enjoy it in its finished (and lovely!) state.

The remainder of the day was a pleasant blur of drinks next to the river, siestaing, and eating more delicious tapas. Unfortunately for me this was the end of my Spanish tour. I had to be up early early Sunday morning to catch a flight to Paris, where I waited six hours then connected to my flight back to Prague. The trip left me feeling grateful not only for great friends and travel companions I saw on this trip, but also for my amazing experience in Spain last year. Spain will always hold a special place in my heart and I was glad to experience a little of it again, if only for nine days. Something tells me I’ll be back though…


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