Prague Half Marathon

11 Apr

downing some energy jelly beans before the race

Takeaways from my first European half marathon:

1. The course was awesome, very nice sights and totally flat.

2. A flat course is really enjoyable when you trained on a lot of hills.

3. A flat course would have been that much more enjoyable had any of my runs been more than 9 miles.

4. This race definitely had a “European smell.” Never smelt so much B.O. during a race, not pleasant.

5. Only in Czech Republic would you train in freezing (and on a few rare days sub-freezing) temperatures only to have sunny 70-degree weather on race day. It was nice to get some sun, but I was dying of thirst before the third and final water station and when I got there they had run out of water…

6. And only in Czech Republic would they serve tea at the water station (in addition to water and sports drink, thankfully there was still sports drink at the third water stop so I didn’t have to drink tea).

7. Apparently I should walk around in the streets of Prague sweaty and in workout clothes more often. I got hit on in the street after the race more than I’ve ever gotten hit on in street clothes. Granted they were all creepy dudes (one of which greeted me with “Ahoj, baby” –which is pronounced “ahoy” and means “hey” in Czech…) gross…


One Response to “Prague Half Marathon”

  1. Laura April 11, 2011 at 9:33 pm #

    GOOD FOR YOU! Proud of you!

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