What the Czech???

27 Apr

Where have I been?

I am writing to you from the top of my washing machine. That is not a metaphor. I am literally sitting on top of the washing machine as it goes through the spin cycle because it is so loud it’s unbearable. No exaggeration. It actually angers me when it starts shaking loudly. So yeah, our washing machine, much like our refrigerator, is a piece of crap. For more information on the inferiority of European appliances I direct you to this wonderful article from Slate.

But back to the task at hand: Apologies for my absence in the last month or so. It’s been a busy month here in KV with visitors, spring activities, and head colds, all of which have drained me of the time and energy that normally go to the blog (ha). There are so many random (and not-so-random) little nuggets I want to blog about, and hopefully I will in the next few days as I get my act together.

So as a treat to you, dear readers, for sticking with me through this drought I leave this amazing music video from a Czech band, Nightwork. I should note they are contemporary; this is not from the 1980s. I actually dig this song, makes me feel happy and Czech when I hear it. Also, they are singing about track suits.


2 Responses to “What the Czech???”

  1. Ashley April 28, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    WoW you would love this song lol. I’m certain it would be even better if I understood the lyrics haha

    • JoDuggs April 28, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

      Haha yeah I would and I do. I don’t understand the lyrics really either, only a few words here or there. I only know it’s about track suits because some Czech friends told me 🙂

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