CR vs Spain: Music

27 May

This category is so uneven I’m tempted to spot Czech Republic five points before I begin. They would still end up being crushed…

You may recall in January I touched upon the inequality in fashion between Spain and the Czech Republic. The same can be said about the music. My friend Julie, whom I know from teaching in Spain last year, came to visit earlier this spring. Her take on the situation here in the Czech Republic seemed to sum it all up: “It feels like they are 10 years behind in music and 15 years behind in fashion.” Music from the 90s is super popular here (for example, I’ve heard The Offspring on the radio numerous times). Music from the 70s and 80s is also popular, as in you hear it when you go out to bars popular.

At the two main going out bars (they’re not exactly “discos”/clubs) you will occasionally hear new music like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Black-Eyed Peas, etc. But as soon as they get going and attract a crowd on the dance floor they immediately put on a random Czech song or “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. I think a monkey pushing random buttons on a computer would be a better DJ than the ones they have in KV. Here are some examples of the unawesomeness of every Friday and Saturday night in KV…

Literally every single time we have been out in KV we have heard the Grease megamix. I love Grease as much as anyone, but really every night?!?!?


ABBA is also still hugely popular here. This one in particular we hear all the time:


Like I said they do sometimes play recent music. One of the more popular new songs from the fall was “Barbara Streisand.” Yes, those are the only two words in the song.

I won’t waste time elaborating on the music scene in Spain. All you have to know is that I never once heard Grease or ABBA out at the bars. Case closed. Spain 1, Czech Rep 0.
Total score: Spain 5, Czech Republic 2.


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