The Final Countdown

30 May

Yes, just like that Europe song (see below). Which is coincidental because I’m counting down until I leave Europe.

So yes, I am in the homestretch of my year here in Karlovy Vary. Only three weeks left of teaching then I hop on a plane June 21 to head back to the US.

This morning on my third-to-last Monday Kids Club ever (in case you missed it, read about the terrors here, here, and here) I had a very very very pleasant surprise of only having five kids in class. (Normally there are 12.) It was amazing! Nevermind that half of the kids who were absent have tonsillitis (in my defense I always tell them to take the toys out of their mouths so it’s not my fault the germs have spread). Anyways, it was a very pleasant start to the week and I can only hope the next few days are as nice.

And to answer the question about what happens after June 21…

Basically 48 hours after I land at Dulles I’ll be taking a flight to Boston because I’ll be teaching at Cardigan Mountain School’s summer session again this year. That will wrap up in the beginning of August and after spending a month and a half hanging out in VA I’ll heading back to Spain!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be doing the same program I did last year in Huelva, except in a different school in Villarrobledo, a small town in the Castilla-La Mancha region of the country. It will be a totally different experience since I’ll be in a town of 25,000 people and not on the coast, but they are in an area of wine and Manchego cheese production so that’s a nice plus!

And, in a shocking move for myself (or at least for myself of the last two years) I even have a plan for the year after! Earlier this spring I was accepted to graduate school at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I had already received a placement for Spain so I asked for and was granted a deferral for one year. So in September 2012 I’ll be enrolling in the graduate program of applied linguistics at the Univ. of Edinburgh. Right now I’m sure you’re asking yourself “what the czech does applied linguistics even mean?” In a nutshell it’s the study of language and its functions and usage in everyday life. That includes things like studying how people acquire a second language so that you can be a better language teacher. For a clearer and probably more accurate description, see the program’s website. So what started as an experimental year in a high school in Spain is leading toward a career in the language field; it could be in research or continuing to teach English at various levels including university, I haven’t nailed down which direction I’ll head yet (I already have a plan for the next two years so I can’t get too ahead of myself haha). Either way it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to going back to school.

The main takeaway of this post for you is that now you have another opportunity to visit me in Spain (I’ll be only two hours from Madrid on the train) and then the next year in Edinburgh. Start planning now, visitors always welcomed 🙂


One Response to “The Final Countdown”

  1. Annie June 1, 2011 at 1:19 am #

    Hi! I just received my placement as a cultural and language assistant in Huelva, and I found your blog through some Googling. I would love to talk to your about your experience (my school is right by the Red Lion) so it’d be great if you could email me at

    Hope to hear back! 🙂

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