CR vs Spain: Booze

23 Aug

Editorial note: this post was started at the end of May, just never finished it. So here you go…
This category is too hard to make a blanket judgement so it’s gotta be broken down into subcategories.

Let’s start with BEER


In Spain it’s rare to find a place that serves a beer larger than 0.2 liters. In Czech Republic it’s rare to find a place that serves beer smaller than 0.5 liters. The Czechs drink more beer on average (per person) than any other country in the world. You know what? I’m actually going to stop typing. You can watch the video below, believe me when I say Spain couldn’t/wouldn’t make the same claims, and understand why Czech Republic gets the point for this category.

I should also mention that beer is mega-cheap here. You can get half a liter of draft Pilsner Urquell for the equivalent of less than $2.00!! And that’s with a weak exchange rate. I will throw in an extra point for affordability. So CR gets 2 points out of this category.

Next subcategory: WINE

Although you just watched a video about the Czech Republic titled “Beer Nation,” the country does tout a large wine region in Moravia, in the south of the country. In May Jess and I went with our friends Renata and Vitek to a wine tasting weekend in Boretice, a small, small, small village in Moravia.

vineyards in Boretice

Part of our weekend included a wine festival in Cejkovice, a larger town well known for its wineries, where we sampled some delicious pinot grigios, chardonnays, blends, and regional varieties.

I would say the whites we sampled were on par with the whites from the Condado de Huelva, the wine-producing region in Huelva, Spain. But Czech definitely produces more white varieties (and therefore more tasty whites) than does Huelva (or probably Spain in general) so they get a point there. Bringing the booze total to 3:0.

But having said that, Spain dominates in the red category. Even Czech people will say that the whites are good but the reds are just so-so. I didn’t even drink a lot of red wine while in Spain, but the riojas and tempranillas I have had are fuller than the Czech reds I tried… giving Spain one point and bringing the total to 3:1.

Next subcategory: LIQUOR


This category is hard since I didn’t drink a lot of liquor in either place. So I will admit this point is based solely on my limited experience with the various liquors in each place and may not be a comprehensive rating. The Czechs are really into herbal and fruit brandies (see here and here for two of the most popular alcohols in CR). And on top of the general Czech penchant for herbal liquors, Becherovka, the national herbal liquor, is made in KV, so we were in the mecca of it, so to speak. As far as liquors go, it’s okay, kinda spicy and reminds me of goldschlagger. But it’s definitely, definitely not as tasty as caramel vodka, which was the drink of choice in Spain. Caramel vodka is good on its own, but double delicious when mixed with coke (or triply delicious when mixed with coke AND vanilla ice cream – mmmm). So, yes, the point in the liquor category goes to Spain.

Booze total: CR 3, Spain 2

Grand total: Spain 7, CR 5


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