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Czech Out My New Blog

20 Oct

After I finished my year in Karlovy Vary, I spent the summer in the States–teaching ESL at Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire for six weeks then spent time visiting with friends and family.

At the end of September I left again (tear) and came back to Spain, where I’ll be teaching this year in a small town in Castilla-La Mancha called Villarrobledo. You can follow this year’s exploits at Hablog Dos: Return to Spain.

Thanks for reading here, czech y’all later!


Catching Up!

23 Aug

So I’ve been home from the Czech Republic for 2 months, but haven’t had time (or energy) to wrap up the blog. There were still a bunch of stories I wanted to share, so I’m gonna do my best to get them out this week, and even though they’re not timely hopefully they’re still interesting!

My New Czech Slippers

11 Nov

Last year I had My New Spanish Haircut. Made sense as I was living in Spain where everyone was fashionable. This year it’s My New Czech Slippers because I’m living in the Czech Republic where it’s … cold. Not to say that people aren’t fashionable, some are, there’s just not the same emphasis on style as there is in Spain. Also I’m going home for Christmas so I can get my hair cut then, and I think attempting to get a haircut here where I don’t speak the language at all could be a traumatic experience. In any case, I now present to you my new (warm) Czech slippers:

And, like last year’s post, below I will present a photo montage of my previous slippers. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of myself in the slippers (there may be some old pics somewhere in my parents’ house that I don’t have access to right now) so I know it won’t be as awesome as pictures of a 7-year-old Joanna with feathered bangs, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless.

The first pair of slippers I remember owning were mice. I believe my cousin Ally had a matching pair. I loved them and by the time I stopped wearing them the bottoms were covered in many layers of duct tape to cover the holes.

Then came the Simba slippers I got for Christmas circa 1994. The left one even roared when you walked. They were a replica of adult Simba, but seeing as they were a product of the pre-internet era, this picture was the closest I could find.I wore Simba until I left for college (one may wonder why I thought it OK to bring a pair of overalls to college but not Simba slippers?), where I purchased a pair of blue whale slippers from The Mary Washington Shoppe. They made for great footwear in Mason Hall freshman year. The blue whales were very worn out after one school year (presumably from many trips down the hall to make Easy Mac in the microwave) so sophomore year they were replaced by Homer. Make that my first pair of Homers.Homer was fun because when you have them on he looks like he’s eating your feet. But he, too, was worn out and subsequently replaced by Shrek, who also looks like he’s eating your feet. Shrek was a gift from an MWC field hockey secret pal (I want to give credit to Kiri Jimerson, but I can’t remember if they were from her or someone else…). Shrek lasted for a while, past graduation, but eventually was replaced, by another pair of Homers. The second Homers had a good run in Arlington, but did not make the trip to Spain, nor to the Czech Republic. Last year I survived with just socks, albeit thick ones, but this year I knew it wasn’t going to cut it. And that brings us back to my new Czech slippers.